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Revolutionary Managed Services with a Winning Combination of People and Technology


What we Do

It is no secret that we believe in the technology used to drive effective Security Operations. Our experts are constantly challenging themselves by researching to create custom sophisticated detection techniques and sharing them with the community.

We specialize in multi-tenant security operations, by utilizing Azure Lighthouse to query customer workspaces and a custom state-of-the-art architecture, we customize each environment while keeping every detection up to date. NETSOC deploys custom content at scale using several cloud technologies, ensuring that all customers have access to the most recent security detections and threat intelligence.

Expert Cybersecurity protection doesn’t have to be expensive, NETSOC was created to uphold the security promises that we make for an affordable price, unlike other providers running away with businesses hard earned money.


Who We Are

More exciting than the technology is the people behind it. We combine incredibly advanced tools with highly trained experts to provide inclusive resolutions that will truly exceed your security purposes without going over your budget. 

With a deep commitment to improving the lives of our clients, we interact on a personal level which allows us to best protect businesses that need it the most. We consider ourselves an on-demand extension of your team as we look to become leaders in technology, value, and innovation.

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