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Microsoft Sentinel

NETSOC is driving clear, efficient, and convenient cloud-based SOC operations for organizations of all sizes. Modernize and accelerate your security posture with our experts driving an effective platform which favors automation, visibility, scalability, integrations, and reporting.

Our data-driven human guided security approach detects and responds to attacks quickly and accurately because we believe in the technology. At NETSOC, we dedicate ourselves to research to deliver real time security at enterprise scale and the power of the cloud to safeguard our clients from threats that are increasing in frequency, severity, and sophistication.

With Microsoft Sentinel, we can better address the main SIEM landscape challenges for our clients, along with simplifying data residency and GDPR concerns.

Sentinel features

24/7 Detection & Response

Establish, improve, or outsource security operations for your business. Work alongside our analysts as we deploy and manage a powerful cloud native SIEM in your environment.

We'll combine the latest technology through the use of threat intelligence, AI, behavioral analytics, and machine learning to respond to anomalous activity across different stages of the MITRE ATT&CK framework within your environment.

Threat Intelligence

Plug into the knowledge tree shared by global security operations and proactively hunt for potential breaches within your environment by leveraging threat intelligence data from the latest attacks.

Data retention & Data Residency

Organizations may have retention requirements where logs must be retained for several months or years. By default, logs are only retained for 90 days but flexible retention settings are available.

All services can be used in compliance with GDPR. Maintain compliance and specify the region into which your services will be deployed with options to store data across several continents.

Advanced Threat Hunting

Proactively hunt for potential breaches and indications of compromise in your environment which may have bypassed the perimeter and actively query for anomalous behavior 24/7.

Our solutions are both plug and play and fully customizable, we'll tailor defense to your specific needs and technology stack.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Cloud-natives SIEMs offer several advantages like leveraging modern technologies such as the power of artificial intelligence to analyze data and spot advanced attacks.

Machine learning is critical to detecting suspicious activities as it aids in the processing of information via algorithms that are used to detect anomalous activities to classify them as malicious.

Behavioral & Advanced Analytics

Through User and Entity Behavior Analytics, our cloud-native solutions detect unusual behavior across the threat landscape by using artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze user activity.

Combining the power of the cloud with custom and signature-based detection rules to triage security incidents and alerts across a rapidly growing number of data sources and technologies.

Custom Dashboards

Connect and visualize your data across custom dashboards built by our security experts or create your own to prioritize various types of events and activities in real time across your environment.

Primary Service Offering

24/7 Managed Security


Microsoft 365 Defender

Employ the worlds largest and most trusted security presence to identify and repel more threats than ever before with Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection. Gain visibility and protection across your end users, devices, and entire infrastructure environment.

Stop attacks before they occur with out-of-the-box, best-in-class protection capabilities. Detect and automate across siloes, integrating threat data for rapid response with multi-platform support including iOS, Android, Linux, MacOS, and Windows.

The process of investigating security events once took days. Now, it only takes several hours with Microsoft EDR. This dramatically reduces the effort needed for threat hunting and incident response.

Defender Features

Endpoint Detection & Response

The bread and butter for our services is the most advanced EDR in the game. Enable the best protection matched with the best technology to detect, tackle, and prevent cyber threats.

Creating sophisticated detection techniques that combine a couple cloud powered services together like machine learning, big-data analysis, and in-depth threat resistance research.

Automated Response & Threat containment

Our seasoned security experts are constantly improving on how to best fend off the latest attacks faster through advanced EDR capabilities such as AI, machine learning, and automated response.

Safeguard your business around the clock with the best technology and expertise to immediately and automatically detect, respond, and contain threats before they do damage.

Automated Investigations

High confidence attacks trigger Automated Investigation and Response features which can automatically launch a more detailed investigation and if necessary, will respond automatically.

Attack Surface Reduction

Decrease the likelihood of an attack through advanced EDR features which enable sophisticated technical controls, defense in depth, and advanced analytics across all endpoints.

Mobile Threat Protection

Mobile devices have become a major attack vector for organizations as more devices are targeted via text messages, email, and social media applications such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Exploit Protection

Automatically detect and prevent common techniques used by malicious code from being executed across devices compatible with advanced EDR, next-gen antivirus, and 24/7 monitoring.

Vulnerability Management

Strategic guidance from our experts on how to reduce risk in your environment via Vulnerability Management which is the practice of identifying and prioritizing vulnerabilities.

Our services will identify different types of vulnerabilities, from missing patches to configuration issues. This information is grouped together, and a list of security recommendations is available.

Incident Response

Microsoft Defender for 365 allows our MDR professionals to respond and contain threats in your environment around the clock by combining forensic data and human expertise for threat detection and security response.

Identity Protection

Secure on-premises Active Directory, Domain Controllers, and ADFS Servers by continuously monitoring users, group members, entity behavior and activities for advanced attacks and suspicious activity.

Extended Service Offering

Consulting Services

Consulting Services
Penetration Testing

Several packages available from some of the best hackers in the game. Our seasoned security experts offer a wide variety of engagements.

  • Internal Networks
  • External Networks
  • Application Testing
  • Red Teaming
Regulatory Compliance

Our clients are more than just a checkbox. Our expert team of Information Security professionals is experienced in frameworks from both the public and private sector.

  • ITAR
Vulnerability Management

Instantly accelerate your security posture through strategic guidance from our experts on how to reduce risk in your environment whether it's on premises, in the cloud, or both.

  • Reporting
  • Patch Management
  • Defense In Depth
  • Active Directory Hardening
Education Services

We have a passion for learning new things but most importantly, we like to share this knowledge. We offer a wide variety of packages in relation to knowledge transfer.

  • Training Events
  • General Advisory
  • Corporate Events
  • Private Mentorship
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