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Global Managed Detection and Response for Managed Service Providers and Direct Enterprise

We don’t sleep, but you should knowing that we’re watching your logs

Strategic guidance from expert researchers on how to reduce risk in your environment

24/7 Security Powered by sentinel

NETSOC started when a group of battle-tested security experts got together and decided something needed to change in the SOC market. Our goal is to help MSPs avoid getting ripped off by other vendors with legacy tech, spending money on subpar security, and putting their clients at risk. 

NETSOC drives compliant 24/7 Managed Detection and Response services powered by Microsoft Sentinel. We help MSPs gain centralized visibility into their clients while effectively increasing their margins by enabling them to sell more security products to connect and provide comprehensive coverage for.  

Contain threats before they do damage

Fast Deployment with Faster Response Times

Deployment & Expertise

Our one-click solution is vendor agnostic, plug and play, fully customizable, and is considered to be the best Managed Detection service for existing Microsoft Providers. The benefit of being an offensive security company allows us to deliver high quality detections across an increasing number of data sources.

We’re seasoned security experts that dedicate ourselves to research, our red team is constantly battling our blue team. Discover why more MSPs are making the informed decision to build NETSOC into their service stack and getting free 24/7 SOC monitoring for their own environment.

What makes us different

Managed Service Provider Support

Delivering an extraordinary opportunity for Managed Service Providers 

Latest Threat Intelligence

Leveraging the latest threat intelligence data and IOCs from recent attacks


Multi-tenant support including monitoring, detection, and response

Advanced Threat Hunting

Proactively hunt for potential breaches and indications of compromise

Vulnerability Management

Strategic guidance from our experts on how to reduce risk in your environment

Intelligent SOAR Automation

Continuously improving automation capabilities to aid in detection and response

Everyone Should Be Protected

Everyone is vulnerable to a cyber-attack. Not just large companies or enterprises. Small businesses are the most targeted by cyber-attacks and hackers because it is too expensive to pay for top-shelf security, leaving them the most vulnerable.

Most resellers know they can charge companies extreme prices because the company needs to be protected. But that shouldn’t mean a small business has to go unprotected just because they can’t afford those unfair rates.

We believe everyone should be protected regardless of how much they make or can afford. NETSOC provides enterprise-level security & support for direct and channel customers

Sell more licenses, Offer Better security

Enterprise Managed Security Services for Managed Service Providers & Direct Enterprise

Great Protection For a fair price

As an MSP, you have your client’s best interest in mind, which means you want to provide the best security for them possible. The problem though is that the best security around is Enterprise Cybersecurity and that level of security is expensive to sell, staff, and manage for your company.

On top of that, many Managed Service Providers are already being ripped off by resellers who are selling them inferior security for a cost higher than it should be.

Being ripped off is infuriating and many MSPs become worried or afraid they are going to lose customers due to a breach. All you want to do is provide great security for customers without paying a fortune for it. At NETSOC, we believe nobody deserves to pay ridiculous prices for the best security.

The KQL Detection Series

Thanks to our fantastic team we have launched a YouTube channel which showcases quality detection techniques with a central focus on the latest Zero-Day attacks and Active Directory for on-premises, hybrid, and cloud environments.

At NETSOC, we provide 24/7 Security Operations to directly and effectively combat cyber threats. With our technology and genuine human insight, we identify potential threats so that attackers no longer have time to hurt your business.


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Sell more licenses, gain additional margins, offer better security