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Detect and Respond

Our security experts cut through the noise to contain and remediate threats before they spread across your network

Hunt for Threats

Proactive Threat Hunting tailored specifically to your technology stack leveraging the latest threat intelligence

Patch and Remediate

Strategic guidance from our experts on how to reduce risk in your environment through Vulnerability Management

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We protect you from hackers

Gain access to a multi-million dollar Security Operation Center for a small service fee

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Governance, Risk, and Compliance


Managed Detection and Response

Penetration Testing

Internal and External Engagements

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We support all Apple devices and operating systems

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Support for all Linux distribution are supported

Support for all on-premise and cloud based servers

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NETSOC is remote Security Operation Center protecting our customers from Cyber attacks

We will deliver an EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) agent for install on all your devices and provide on-demand security

Great question! We’re doing something really special by delivering the latest cyber protection for an affordable price

Our entry barrier is really small, you really just need to own a computer… there is nothing we can’t handle!

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Due to the nature of our services, there are plenty of questions. Rest assured that we are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have… with or without an active NETSOC subscription


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